Vetericyn VF Wound and Infection Treatment (16oz Trigger Spray)


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Price : $31.99

Potent Veterinary Formula (VF) Utilizes FDA-Cleared Technology to Fight Infection Naturally and Speed Healing Time
Vetericyn is scientifically designed to treat a wide variety of wounds, skin ulcers and abrasions. It can be used to treat hot spots, ring worm, pigeon fever, rain and cinch rot, eye and ear infections, fungal infections, skin rashes, cuts and burns, post-surgical incisions and topical infections.
Reduces inflammation and eliminates odor
Accelerates healing time up to 60% Vetericyn VF is the first professional strength non-toxic broad-spectrum topical antimicrobial on the market - the incredible wound and infection control technology kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores without harming healthy tissue - within seconds of applying Vetericyn VF, blood flow increases and wound-healing nutrients are delivered to the site - harmful pathogens are killed More »

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